Philipp Tsvetkov received a 29 000 € grant from the GEFLUC

Date de l'évènement: 
Mardi, 4 février, 2020
Philipp Tsvetkov receiving its GEFLUC grant in Hotel de la Région - 04th February 2020
  • The Emergence project entitled “New high throughput screening method for anticancer agents” carried out by Philipp Tsvetkov (first from the right) was selected by the Canceropole PACA to be funded by the GEFLUC (groupement des entreprises françaises dans la lutte contre le cancer).
  • Microtubule-targeting agents (MTAs) represent one of the largest and most effective class of anticancer drugs which are being used in the therapy for a wide variety of cancers. To improve the overall efficiency of cancer treatment there is a constant need to find new compounds with anticancer activity. Thus the primary objective of the proposed project is to find new anticancer microtubule- targeting agents in the soon-to-be-available protein-protein interaction (PPI) inhibitors library (ANR-15-CE18-0023). 
  • One of the originality and strength of this project lies in the use of a brand new instrument (nanoDSF) that enables a double readout which will drastically decrease the number of false positive and false negative hits. 
  • Having shown with this project that nanoDSF can be effectively used to find new anticancer drug at a high throughput scale, this approach will be implemented in PINT platform as a new service of MTA screening for research labs (we already have requested to screen venoms library) and pharma companies.