The NeuroCyto team receives two ANR grants in 2020

Date de l'évènement: 
Dimanche, 20 Décembre, 2020

The NeuroCyto team led by Christophe Leterrier was awarded two collaborative ANR grants in the 2020 call. The first project, “How actin/spectrin scaffold shapes axonal physiology” (ASHA), is coordinated by C. Leterrier in collaboration with the teams of Stéphane Vassilopoulos (Institut de Myologie, Paris) and Emmanuel Nivet at INP. The second project, “Understanding significance of tubulin detyrosination/re‐tyrosination in synaptic plasticity” (SPEED-Y), is led by Marie-Jo Moutin (GIN, Grenoble) in collaboration with the NeuroCyto team at INP and with the team of Alain Buisson, also at GIN.

These two grants amount to a total of 1.1 M€, with 330,000 € received by the NeuroCyto team.