Pedro Belio Mairal (Neural Plasticity and Degeneration team) at Neurobinar #12

Date de l'évènement: 
Mardi, 22 février, 2022

On February 22nd at 1 pm don't miss the next Neurobinar of NeuroMarseille ! You will get a chance to meet Adam Williamson, principal investigator at the INS, Gaelle Alhaddad, 2nd year PhD student at the LNC and Pedro Belio Mairal, 3rd year student in the "Neural Plasticity and Degeneration" team of INP. Gaelle and Pedro will each present the other's thesis topic and Adam will explain his work on "Non-invasive deep brain stimulation in Epilepsy using Temporal Interference". 

Retrieve all information you need on NeuroMarseille website and register to participate online with zoom: here

It is the occasion to discuss and question the speakers, as well as getting to know your colleagues!