MedIM 2020 : First inter-platform Interactome workshop

Date de l'évènement: 
Jeudi, 9 Juillet, 2020

INP platform PINT together with AFMB and IMM are glad to announce their first inter-platform interactome workshop entitled "Methods to study Molecular Interactions (Biomedical applications)" that will take place from monday december 7th to friday 11th 2020. 

Looking to confirm the interaction between a drug and its target?
Wanting to characterize the interaction between a receptor and its ligand?

 This workshop will help you to (re)discover the main biophysical techniques for the characterization of molecular interactions through theoretical presentations and practical workshops on the equipment of 3 platforms in Marseille: the Timone Interactome INteractome Platform (PINT) of the INP, the Structural Biology Platform of the AFMB and the platforms of the IMM. No matter what your backround (molecular, cellular, animal, clinical) or your field of expertise (Neurosciences, Microbiology, Immunology, Oncology ... ) are please come and get familiar with AUC, BLI, DLS, DSF, DSC, ITC, MST, SEC-MALS, SPR, ...  After this intensive course you will know the applications, advantages and complementarity of these methods alla available on our platforms.

This workshop is limited to 21 attendees, si please pre-register now on the dedicated webpage that will be regularly updated :