Dominika Pilat (Team 1) on the Neurobinar #4 (NeuroMarseille) !

Date de l'évènement: 
Jeudi, 21 Janvier, 2021

Dominika Pilat will be presenting on the Neurobinar #4 on January 21 at 4 pm on Zoom.

For this fourth edition, NeuroMarseille is pleased to welcome Cédric Maurange (IBDM), Dominika Pilat (INP) and Borloz Émilie (MMG). Dominika Pilat and Borloz Émilie will introduce their respective theses in a cross presentation. After a question session, Cédric Maurange (IBDM) will explain his research on genetic programmes modifying the properties of neural stem cells during development.

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