Christophe Leterrier on the 46th Nikon Small World Competition Judging Panel

Date de l'évènement: 
Jeudi, 21 Mai, 2020

Christophe Leterrier, NeuroCyto team leader, will be one of the judges for the 46th Nikon Small World photomicrography and Small World in Motion video competitions. He will be the first French researcher to be on the judging panel for this prestigious competition.

The five members of the 2020 judging panel announced on May 21st are: Dylan Burnette, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Cell and Developmental Biology at Vanderbilt University, Christophe Leterrier, Ph.D., group leader at CNRS and Aix-Marseille University, Samantha Clarke, Photo Editor at National Geographic, Sean Greene, Data and Science journalist at The Los Angeles Times, and Ariel Waldman, Antarctic explorer and NASA advisor. The 2020 Nikon Small World photomicrography and Small World in Motion video competitions will be held June 17-18, and the winners announced this fall.

For 46 years, Nikon Small World has been recognized as a leading forum to celebrate excellency in microscopy in the form of photos and videos. The competition will honor the top 20 photography and top 5 video winners in addition to awarding Honorable Mentions and Images of Distinction. Winning submissions will be recognized for their exceptional ability to capture visually stunning and scientifically significant moments under the microscope. To celebrate the 10th anniversary of Nikon Small World in Motion, this year's top prize winners of both the video and photo competitions will receive a trip to Japan for themselves and a loved one in addition to the yearly cash prize.

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