PINT new acquisitions: Biacore T200 & AKTA pure

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Sunday, 13 September, 2020
dianette akta Geraldine biacore

The Platform INteractome Timone - PINT is pleased to announce the arrival of a brand new Surface Plasmon Resonance Biacore T200 (Cytiva, ex GE Healthcare) designed to follow in real time interactions between free-labeled biomolecules from ions to viruses. The use of real-time measurement allows to provide association (kon) and dissociation (koff) rate constant of the interaction and to deduce its affinity (KD). With an automated, parallelized and miniaturized mode of analysis, the Biacore T200 also allows to define thermodynamic constants, the active concentration of an analyte, epitope mapping or study molecules in complex environments and performs micropurification and recovery of unknown partners.

Biacore T200 did not come alone, since we are now equipped with ÄKTA pure 25M, a flexible and intuitive chromatography system designed for multiwavelength detection in the UV and visible spectrum from 190 to 700 nm. UV monitor allows monitoring of up to three wavelengths simultaneously. Moreover this system has an optional module for enhanced automation : a sample pump which is designed to allow automatic sample application directly to a column.

Both of these instruments were bought in the frame of the CPER-FEDER.

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the AKTA Pure, Géraldine Ferracci and the Biacore T200

the Biacore T200