Two articles from the NeuroCyto team in Nature Communications

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Tuesday, 25 May, 2021

The NeuroCyto team has two new articles just out in Nature Communications! Click for more details >>

The first article, entitled “Democratizing deep-learning for microscopy with ZeroCostDL4Mic”, was published on April 15th, 2021. It is a large collaboration led by the lab of Ricardo Henriques (Lisbon, Portugal) and Guillaume Jacquemet (Turku, Finland). We developed a simple way to use deep-learning algorithm for microscopy. Named ZeroCostDL4Mic, it allows to use existing software from free, cloud-based Google Colab notebooks. Super-resolution, SMLM, segmentation, denoising: check all the possibilities here.

The second article, just out on May 24th and entitled “Fast widefield scan provides tunable and uniform illumination optimizing super-resolution microscopy over large fields”, is a collaboration with the lab of Sandrine Lévêque-Fort (ISMO, Orsay) and the Abbelight company, with the participation of Karoline Friedl, an Abbelight CIFRE PhD student in the NeuroCyto team. A new illumination scheme based on small-area scanning allows to perform localization microscopy over the full field of modern 4-megapixel cameras, that is 200 x 200 µm with a 100X objective, with a uniform intensity and imaging performance. This is typically 25-40X larger that the current field of view of similar super-resolution microscopes!

As seen on these neurons labeled for ß2-spectrin that forms regular rings along axons, it allows to gather a lot more data in a single image.