Team leader: 

The Administration and Finance Operational Division is run by the Operational Manager, Armelle Bonpain, who supervises a team of five secretaries.  It ensures the smooth running of the INP and supports both scientists and technicians to work in compliance with the university requirements.

All staff members are versatile as they deal with administrative, financial and human resources (HR) tasks as and when required.  They provide an essential link between all internal and external parties. 

Admin duties: The Admin Department provides reception duties, mailing services and links with the logistics and technical services on the campus.

Financial duties: The Finance Department controls the INP fundings: provision of loans (CNRS and AMU), delivery of contracts and grants at both national and European levels (ANR, European contracts, subsidies to territorial communities and foundations).  All staff members take charge of INP fundings on behalf of their teams from inception to completion, including financial reports.

HR: The Human Resources (HR) Department oversees the recruitment process of CNRS and AMU personnel, including temporary staff such as interns, CDD, PhD, post PhDs and guests.  It also provides careers advice with training and professional development.

Organigramme Pôle Admin&Finances




  1. Retour sur la visite du Président Eric Berton le 18 juin 2021

    La semaine dernière, vendredi 18 juin 2021, nous avons reçu la visite du Président de l’Université Eric Berton. Il était accompagné par la nouvelle Directrice Générale des Services de AMU Laurence Corvellec, le Doyen de la Faculté des Sciences Médicales et Paramédicales Georges Leonetti et l'assesseur à la Recherche la FSMP Jean Louis Mège.

  2. INP goes green !

    When you say New Year, you say new resolutions! 
    Increasingly present at the heart of debates and minds, ecology is part of our daily lives and it is our duty to do everything we can to reduce our ecological footprint. The INP has decided to be mobilized for ecology, at its own level. 

    To begin with, we have set up a plastic bottle collection system to recycle our bottles in a short circuit. This is done via the collection system proposed by the company Yoyo, which guarantees delivery to the nearest recycling plant for 100% recycling! We have three collection points on our premises (salle de convivialité R+3, R+1 et R+2 vert). 

  3. Présentation NeuroMarseille

    NeuroMarseille est venu visiter l'INP le vendredi 14 février 2020. A cette occasion, Pascale Durbec, Boris Burle et François Féron, en compagnie de Gabirelle Gallon en ont profité pour nous présenter "NeuroMarseille : l'institut des neurosciences d'AMU" au cours d'un séminaire de 14h30 à 15h30 dans l'amphithéâtre 2 de la faculté de médecine. 





    Vous en trouverez la captation video ci dessous 



  4. INP & Vect-Horus first day off in Black Stone pub

    On thursday december the 12th, most of INP and Vect-Horus members got together and spent a day in the Black Stone pub, Marseille, to celebrate the fact that nearly two years after its creation, the Institute of NeuroPhysiopathology is finally located on Tmone Campus.