NeuroTimone Facility (PFNT)

The PFNT Facility is a coherent set of exploration tools in neurobiology allowing research at the molecular, cellular and integrated levels.


  1. Tous et toutes au recyclage !

    Depuis lundi 3 Avril, l'INP participe à une opération inter-laboratoires de quantification de déchets recyclables professionnels (et ménagers) sur le campus Timone. 
    Pour cela, chaque aile a été aménagée avec des points de collecte et de tri sélectif. Chaque semaine, les différentes catégories seront pesées puis emmenées au recyclage pour valorisation. 

    Cette opération sur deux mois nous permettra de faire le bilan sur la quantité de déchets recyclables que nous générons et ainsi en faire part à l'université pour qu'elle nous offre des solutions de valorisation de ces déchets. 


  2. L'INP participe à la 2ème édition de la semaine du Cerveau

    Comme chaque année les membres de l'INP participent à la semaine du cerveau. Parmi les actions de cette année on peut citer l'intervention de Cynthia et Charbel deux doctorants de l'équipe 9 qui sont allés rendre visite à l'école primaire du Pharo Catalans

  3. Maud Gratuze, new team leader, first INP publication

    In collaboration with the Holtzman lab., Maud Gratuze, with her colleagues Monica Xiong and Chao Wang, published an article on a project developed during her postdoc in the USA. In this study, entitled "Astrocytic APOE4 removal confers cerebrovascular protection despite increased cerebral amyloid angiopathy" and recently published in Molecular Neurodegeneration, they reduced ApoE4, the strongest genetic risk factor in Alzheimer’s disease, specifically derived from astrocytes in a mouse model of cerebral amyloid angiopathy.

  4. ICI research seminar & master class : Pr Etienne Meylan
  5. BSI2023 : 3rd Integrative Structural Biology meeting in Marseille

    INP, more precisely PINT platform, along with 13 laboratories and institutes affiliated with AMU (*) is co-organizing the 3rd Integrative Structural Biology meeting (BSI 2023) with the Association Française de Cristallographie (AFC) and the Société Française de Biophysique (SFB). The meeting will take place in Marseille in the Faculty of Medical Sciences on the Timone Campus on November 13-17, 2023.

    Save the date and follow us on Twitter (@BSI2023) for updated information!

  6. INP Team 8 and 9 joint publication : Plasma nanoDSF Denaturation Profile at Baseline Is Predictive of Glioblastoma EGFR Status

    INP, Molecular Interaction & Pharmacology (team 9) and GlioME: Gliomagenesis and MicroEnvironment (team 8) are glad to share the release of their new work "Plasma nanoDSF Denaturation Profile at Baseline Is Predictive of Glioblastoma EGFR Status" which was done in collaboration with data scientists from Laboratoire Hubert Curien, UJM-Saint-Etienne and Laborat

  7. INP & Vect-Horus running against Alzheimer's disease

    On december 10th 2022, PINT INP and Vect-Horus members met in the Hippodrome Borély for the "Course des Lumières" organized by Foundation Recherche Alzheimer. It was freezing but together with 600 or something others, they walked 5 km or ran 8 km, to light up the night against Alzheimer's disease and for all patients, carrying a luminous object. See a few pictures below 

  8. Team 10 : New publication in Cancers

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INP in numbers

  • 126 members
  • 44 researchers
  • 48 research assistants
  • 12 post-docs
  • 11 PhD


Paper out! New publication from the SynapTau Team (Team 2')

The SynapTau team is thrilled to announce the publication of our collaborative work. This has been an incredible partnership, and we are delighted to share our findings in the journal Life Science Alliance! In this paper, we demonstrated that parenchymal border macrophages (PBMs) function impedes tau pathology and tau-mediated neurodegeneration, while tau pathology promotes PBM dysfunction associated with impaired CSF flow. Our results identify PBMs as novel cellular regulators of tau pathology and tau-mediated neurodegeneration.


First Ma Terre en 180' workshop at the INP !

On July 6, 5 INP members took part in the first Ma Terre en 180' workshop organized by Louise Greetham (Team 6/SCENT) and Santiago Rivera (Team 1). MT 180' is the 1st collaborative workshop from the academic world to build scenarios for reducing carbon footprint within a research laboratory. Congratulations to Fanny (aka Maggie), Laure (aka Zara), Theresa (aka Claire), Géraldine (aka David) and Ivan (aka Benjamin) for their participation and commitment.


5th French Microtubule Network days

Since the first event in Marseille in 2013, initiated by François Devred and Stéphane Honoré, the French microtubule network has been organizing colloquia bringing together researchers, post-docs and students from more than 34 laboratories, every 2 years in a different city. After Grenoble (2015), Versailles (2017), and Rennes (2019), the fifth edition of the congress of french scientists working on microtubules took place on June 29 and 30, 2023 in Montpellier.