New preprint from the NeuroCyto team: tips and tricks for super-resolution microscopy

Event date: 
Tuesday, 5 March, 2019

We have a new preprint out! Want to do good super-resolution images? We have put together all our single molecule localization microscopy (SMLM) tips and tricks. This is a methods paper that describes our SMLM workflow, using benchmark samples such as microtubules and clathrin-coated pits. 

A good image starts with a good sample… that’s why the first part is about how to our fixation and immunolabeling procedures. Then it’s “just” a matter of imaging and processing. Tips for acquiring 3D-STORM images, as well as multi-color DNA-PAINT. Congrats to Angélique and Karoline for their beautiful images. Check our preprint to know everything, and let us know what you think!