INP goes green !

Event date: 
Wednesday, 13 January, 2021

When you say New Year, you say new resolutions! 
Increasingly present at the heart of debates and minds, ecology is part of our daily lives and it is our duty to do everything we can to reduce our ecological footprint. The INP has decided to be mobilized for ecology, at its own level. 

To begin with, we have set up a plastic bottle collection system to recycle our bottles in a short circuit. This is done via the collection system proposed by the company Yoyo, which guarantees delivery to the nearest recycling plant for 100% recycling! We have three collection points on our premises (salle de convivialité R+3, R+1 et R+2 vert). 

We have also installed a collection point for batteries (R+1 et R+2 vert). 

On a larger scale, two referents from the INP (Jean-Philippe Dales and Louise Greetham) are part of a "Sustainable Development" working group of NeuroMarseille which already includes several research laboratories in Marseille. The idea is to set up initiatives within laboratories from Marseille in order to reduce our ecological footprint.

We are of course open to any proposal or idea! Do not hesitate to keep us informed by email. 

Photo credit : Yoyo