NeuroTimone Facility (PFNT)

The PFNT Facility is a coherent set of exploration tools in neurobiology allowing research at the molecular, cellular and integrated levels.


  1. Maeva MONTALEYTANG and Noé DUMAS from the GlioME team presented their research on nanoparticles at the SFNano C'Nano congress

    Maeva and Noé presented their poster at the SFNano C'Nano conference entitled "Preclinical evaluation of a paclitaxel nanoprodrug for glioblastoma therapy".

  2. Un nouvel arrivant dans l'équipe 5

    L'équipe 5 a le plaisir d'accueillir en stage du 1er décembre 2019 au 31 mars 2020, Théo Loignon étudiant à l'école d'ingénieur de Bordeaux ei.cesi. Théo travaillera avec Jean-Philippe Dales sur l'imagerie chimique du tissu nerveux au cours de la neuroinflammation.

  3. New publication for the Neuro-inflammation and Multiple Sclerosis team (INP team 5) in Cytokine about the immunomonitoring of infliximab biotherapies

    In this paper, Daniel Bertin evaluated the immunological follow-up of patients suffering from chronic inflammatory diseases and receiving anti-TNF biotherapy. Three commercial ELISA assays for monitoring soluble through levels of infliximab and anti-infliximab antibodies in serum showed a good global correlation of results. However, some quantitative discrepancies could change clinical decision. As a consequence, Daniel Bertin recommended to keep the same kit to perform a longitudinal follow-up of patients.

  4. Aurélie Tchoghandjian-Auphan, CRCN CNRS from the GlioME team, was recently granted by ARC fondation for her project "Effects of Smac mimetics treatment on glioblastomas immune response" .

    Aurélie Tchoghandjian-Auphan, CRCN CNRS from the GlioME team, in the Insitute of NeuroPhysiopathology, UMR CNRS 7051, was recently granted by ARC fondation for her project "Effects of Smac mimetics treatment on glioblastomas immune response".

    Subsequently she was interviewed by :
    France 3  (JT 19/20 PACA diffusion du 15/11: 7'09 à 9'45) ; 
    Provence Azur (18/11/2019) ;
    20 Minutes Marseille (18/11/2019)
    - La Provence


  5. DESU « Exploration et traitement des maladies auto-immunes »
  6. GlioME team in collaboration with INT (Institute of Neurosciences Timone) published a new study in Journal of Neuroinflammation on the effect of Bevacizumab on glioblastoma-bearing mice, using 2-photon imaging

    Our data show that VEGF blockade leads to an increased recruitment of monocytes and to an adjustment of dendritic cell subsets’ profiles, differing in their ability to induce an adaptive immune response. Altogether, they provide important new insights into the effects of Bevacizumab at the cellular level and into the spatio-temporal evolution of intra-tumoral innate immune cell densities.

  7. Pr Hervé Kovacic joins the editorial board of Antioxidant Redox Signaling
  8. Marseille - Cassis 2019


INP in numbers

  • 126 members
  • 44 researchers
  • 48 research assistants
  • 12 post-docs
  • 11 PhD


Marseille - Cassis 2019

Congratulations to all the CNRS team for running the Marseille-Cassis race two weekends ago, and especially to Claude Villard (7th from the left, top row), INP team 9 and PINT facility member who ran this semi-marathon in 1 hour and 48 minutes.

Next year, let's make a whole INP team (as usual, the race will take place on the last Sunday of October)!

For more information, head to the race's official website.


Listening to our molecular clocks

During the NeuroStories event, held on Monday October 7 at the Faculty of Medicine, Anne-Marie François Bellan gave a remarkable stand up on how our body vibrates to the rhythm of internal chronometers called circadian clocks. She also explained how the molecular clock uses small corpuscles and cell space to make our genes rhythm.

Click on the news to  see the video of her brilliant speech.





Anne-Marie François Bellan

Prof. D. Figarella-Branger, who belongs to the cIMPACT-NOW Working Committee, attended to the last meeting of the consortium in Utrecht (16-17 september).

The cIMPACT-NOW Working Committee is the Consortium to Inform Molecular and Practical Approaches to CNS Tumor Taxonomy. cIMPACT-NOW  was created in late 2016 —following publication of the 2016 Updated 4th Edition of the World Health Organization (WHO) Classification of Tumours of the Central Nervous System— to provide a forum to evaluate and recommend proposed changes to future CNS tumor classifications.


Three members of INP presented their work on Glioma during the 14th EANO annual meeting held in Lyon (19 - 22 September, 2019)

During the 14th EANO annual meeting 3 members of INP team #8 presented their work on Glioma in a plenary conference «CDKN2A homozygous deletion is a strong adverse prognosis factor in diffuse malignant IDHmutant gliomas» Dominique Figarella Branger, a short talk «Plasmatic differential scanning fluorimetry profiles discriminate glioma patients from healthy controls» Emeline Tabouret and two posters «P11.06: Non epigenetic effect of vorinostat


Nadia Merad Coliac and Maxime Bonnet joined the NOSE team

Nadia Merad Coliac, plastic designer, joined the NOSE (Nasal Olfactory Stemness and Epigenesis) team, as an Associate researcher. At the crossroads of several disciplines, she develops an experimental work of art and science, in the field of bioluminescence. She is considering a therapeutic application in patients with autism spectrum disorders (ASD). Recently, Nadia published Lumière vivante - Théorie et pratique de la bioluminescence (Living light - theory and use of bioluminescence) - L’Harmattan eds.


New publication from the GlioME Team (INP team 8) in Cancers pointing at A2B5 as an attractive therapeutic target for glioblastomas.

F. Devred and E. Tabouret presented their research work at the annual Canceropole PACA meeting

Many members of the INP attended the annual Canceropole PACA meeting in the Palais des Congrès of St Raphaël on the 4th and 5th of july. In the frame of the translational research call, F. Devred (INP team 9) & E. Tabouret (INP team 8) presented the results and perspective of their project "Next generation plasma profiling of gliomas using nanoDSF: toward a new prognostic and monitoring tool"

Full program available here.


INP team 8 and 9 and PINT members presented their work at the 4th French Microtubule Network

INP team 8 and 9 and PINT members being part of the French Microtubule Network, several members presented their work at the 4th French Microtubule Network gathering in Rennes on the 1srt and 2nd july 2019, in the  "Microtubules and their regulators : new therapeutic targets" session and the "Microtubules, assembly and regulation" session.


CNRS and Aix-Marseille University sign Agreement with the SME Vect-Horus on the intellectual property

An article entitled "Le CNRS et Aix-Marseille Université signent un accord avec la PME Vect-Horus sur la propriété intellectuelle",  published in the CNRS Innovation Letter of 20 June 2019 and relayed by the INSB site, features the agreement signed by CNRS, AMU and Vect-Horus establishing the intellectual property rights regime and the exploitation of patents.