NeuroTimone Facility (PFNT)

The PFNT Facility is a coherent set of exploration tools in neurobiology allowing research at the molecular, cellular and integrated levels.


  1. Séminaire Nicola Allen - "Astrocyte regulation of neuronal synapses"
  2. Congratulations to Chiara who won a poster prize

    Chiara Bastiancich, Post-doc in the GlioME team presented her ongoing GlioRET project at the European Symposium on Controlled Drug Delivery.

    Her poster "Elucidating the tumor resection microenvironment of glioblastoma toward the development of fit-for-purpose local treatments" won over the cogress jury !

  3. New publication in BioMedInformatics from Team 10
  4. Another award for Emmanuel Snacel-Fazy

    Emmanuel Snacel-Fazy, a 2nd year doctoral student in the GlioME team, won the best poster award at yesterday's "Conference Annuelle de L'institut Cancer et Immunologie (ICI)", Thursday 31 March 2022.

    His work on the "Remodelling of the glioblastoma immune landscape by smac mimetic GDC-0152" has been appreciated and rewarded. Once again, congratulations!

  5. Two New articles from GlioME team
  6. New article from NPD Team 1 published in the Journal of Neuroinflammation

    The latest article for NPD team 1 has been published this month into the Journal of Neuroinflammation.

    Membrane-type matrix metalloproteinase 5 (MT5-MMP) deficiency in the 5xFAD mouse model of Alzheimer's disease reduces brain neuroinflammation along with amyloidosis, and prevents deficits in synaptic activity and cognition in prodromal stages of the disease. In addition, MT5-MMP deficiency prevents interleukin-1 beta (IL-1β)-mediated inflammation in the peripheral nervous system.

  7. Emmanuel Nivet on Neuro'binar - March 22nd 1pm

    Don't miss the next Neuro'binar of NeuroMarseille with Emmanuel Nivet (Team 6) !

    Next Tuesday, on March 22nd, 2022, at 1 pm online, discover Dr Emmanuel Nivet's work in the 13th edition of Neuro'binar:

    🔘  Emmanuel Nivet (INP) will present his research topic entitled: "Human induced pluripotent stem cells to study the role of astrocytes in Alzheimer’s disease"

    🔘  Hannah Ihme (INT) and Martha Montse Rangel-Sosa (IBDM) - Ph.D. students - will present each other's Ph.D. projects in 5 min.

  8. A new publication is available on "Dual Photothermal and Chemotherapeutic Therapy"


INP in numbers

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  • 44 researchers
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  • 12 post-docs
  • 11 PhD


Opening of the Nikon Center of Excellence for Neuro-NanoImaging at INP

After being postponed in 2021, the inauguration of the Nikon Center of Excellence for Neuro-Nanoimaging at Aix-Marseille Université (see more details on the Center of Excellence below) will take place on September 22, 2022 starting at 9:00 am on the Timone campus (Grisoli amphitheater), in the presence of the President of AMU Mr. Eric Berton and the Director of Nikon Europe Mr. Takaharu Sasaoka.