Scientific supervisor: 

The Microscopy and Imaging Center (CMI), created within the framework of the IFR Jean Roche, was recognized in 2003 emerging facility in life sciences by the Committee Inter Organizations RIO. Located in the North site of the Medicine Faculty of Marseille, it offers several microscopy and imaging setups, as well as the scientific and technical skills needed to carry out projects using cellular imaging.

The CMI provides researchers with several microscopes for the observation of diverse samples: confocal microscopy, live cell microscopy, super-resolution microscopy. Once the INP is installed on the NeuroTimone campus, the CMI will become the Neuro-Cellular Imaging Service (NCIS), a new neuroscience-based cellular imaging facility.

Our vocation

The objectives of the Microscopy and Imaging Center are:

  •  Provide users with the equipment and know-how needed to carry out scientific projects in the life sciences using cellular imaging techniques.
  •  Train and support users.
  •  Maintain and optimize the imaging fleet.
  •  Technology watch and transfer of skills.
  •  Services and business services.

Terms and Conditions

All the equipment of the CMI is accessible on reservation from Monday to Friday, from 9am to 7pm, to any person having previously followed the appropriate training provided on site. This training, both theoretical and practical, aims to allow users to acquire full autonomy on each of the microscopy and imaging stations of the center.

Our location

The equipment of the CMI is grouped on the ground floor of the North site of the Medicine Faculty (Bât.A). The equipment is primarily accessible to members of the support laboratories of the PFRNs. In accordance with the RIO charter, they are also open to any external participant, from the public or private sector, without geographical, institutional or thematic limits.





Le CMI s’est associé avec la Plate-forme d’Imagerie Commune et Scientifique de Luminy (PICsL) au sein d’une seule entité : la Plate-forme d’Imagerie Cellulaire de Marseille labellisée IBiSA.