Identification of RNAs Engaged in Direct RNA-RNA Interaction with a Long Non-Coding RNA


  • Jacq Audrey
  • Becquet Denis
  • Guillen Séverine
  • Boyer Bénédicte
  • Bello-Goutierrez Maria-Montserrat
  • Franc Jean-Louis
  • François-Bellan Anne-Marie


The growing role attributed nowadays to long non-coding RNAs (lncRNA) in physiology and pathophysiology makes it crucial to characterize their interactome by identifying their molecular partners, DNA, proteins and/or RNAs. The latter can interact with lncRNA through networks involving proteins, but they can also be engaged in direct RNA/RNA interactions. We, therefore, developed an easy-to-use RNA pull-down procedure that allowed identification of RNAs engaged in direct RNA/RNA interaction with a lncRNA using psoralen, a molecule that cross-links only RNA/RNA interactions. Bioinformatics modeling of the lncRNA secondary structure allowed the selection of several specific antisense DNA oligonucleotide probes with a strong affinity for regions displaying a low probability of internal base pairing. Since the specific probes that were designed targeted accessible regions throughout the length of the lncRNA, the RNA-interaction zones could be delineated in the sequence of the lncRNA. When coupled with a high throughput RNA sequencing, this protocol can be used for the whole direct RNA interactome studies of a lncRNA of interest.

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