Independent prognostic value of ultra-sensitive quantification of tumor pre-treatment T790M subclones in EGFR mutated non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) treated by first/second generation TKI, depends on variant allele frequency (VAF): Results of the French cooperative thoracic intergroup (IFCT) biomarkers France project


  • Beau-Faller Michèle
  • Pencreach Erwan
  • Leduc Charlotte
  • Blons Hélène
  • Merlio Jean-Philippe
  • Bringuier Pierre-Paul
  • de Fraipont Florence
  • Escande Fabienne
  • Lemoine Antoinette
  • Ouafik l'Houcine
  • Denis Marc
  • Hofman Paul
  • Lacave Roger
  • Melaabi Samia
  • Langlais Alexandra
  • Missy Pascale
  • Morin Franck
  • Moro-Sibilot Denis
  • Barlesi Fabrice
  • Cadranel Jacques

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