Romain La Rocca giving a talk in EuroTau 2021 meeting

Date de l'évènement: 
Lundi, 25 Octobre, 2021

Romain La Rocca, former member of INP team 9, shared the stage of EuroTau meeting in Lille's Grand Palais with Illana Gozes (Israel), Cláudio M. Gomes (Portugal), Amandine Grimm (Switzerland), Yann Fichou (France), Marina Rierola (Germany), Laura Vallés Saiz (Spain), Marie Galas (France) and Mahmoud Maina (UK / USA) during Session #3 chaired by Isabelle Landrieu & Yann Fichou.

He presented his PhD work on the Three zinc binding sites of Tau and their role in tau aggregation and little bit of the perspectives Dahbia Yatoui is currently working on right now.


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