PINT new acquisition: Tycho™ NT.6 for instant protein quality control

Date de l'évènement: 
Dimanche, 14 Juin, 2020

The Platform INteractome Timone - PINT is pleased to announce the arrival of the Tycho™ NT.6, the new nanoDSF instrument by Nanotemper. The Tycho is designed to characterize the quality of any protein within minutes, using only 10 µL of sample. This fast analysis is critical for choosing the batches, buffers, or conditions by comparing the relative stability of each sample along every step of an experiment, thus allowing an efficient assay and purification workflow development.

Since it requires just 10 µL of sample at a concentration anywhere from 0.01 to >200 mg/mL, it's not even necessary to dilute samples. 

From now on, the quality of every protein preparation that would be going through one of the pole of PINT, namely analytical ultracentrifucation AUC, surface plasmonic resonance SPR or Microcalorimetry (ITC and DSC) will first be check using the Tycho.

This instrument was bought in the frame of the project MTAPPI « New high throughput screening method for anticancer agents » (PI : Philipp Tsvetkov) financed by GEFLUC.

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