New article from the NeuroCyto Team in Neuron

Date de l'évènement: 
Lundi, 15 Novembre, 2021

The NeuroCyto team has a new publication out! Published on Sep. 15 in Neuron, this article reveals how clathrin is slowly transported along axons by forming transport packets that are then docked at presynapses where they can dynamically supply clathrin for synaptic function. This is another episode of the long-standing collaboration between the NeuroCyto team and the lab of Subhojit Roy at UCSD. Read the article here:

Clathrin packets move in slow axonal transport and deliver functional payloads to synapses.
Ganguly A, Sharma R, Boyer NP, Wernert F, Phan S, Boassa D, Parra L, Das U, Caillol G, Han X, Yates JR 3rd, Ellisman MH, Leterrier C, Roy S .
Neuron, 2021 Sep 15;109(18):2884-2901.e7.