INP attended Canceropole PACA 8th annual seminar

Date de l'évènement: 
Jeudi, 1 Juillet, 2021 - Vendredi, 2 Juillet, 2021

Last week the 8th annual seminar of Canceropole PACA took place in the Palais des Congrés of Saint Raphaël. During these 2 days a great number of scientific presentations were given, including different aspects of INP research coming from team 8, team 9 and the platform PINT, during the poster sessions.

Cecilia Gonzalez Garcia (team 9) : "Myotoxin 3, a novel tubulin interacting peptide from snake venom with anti-microtubule potential" (see here)
Rayane Hedna (team 9) : "Tau protein as new therapeutic target for glioblastoma: focus on new thiazoloflavonoid derivatives" (see here)
Emmanuel Snacel-Fazy (team 8) : "Remodeling of the glioblastoma immune landscape by smac mimetic GDC-0152" (see here)
Aurélie Soubéran (team 8) : "Role of Melanoma inhibitor of apoptosis (ML-IAP) protein in glioblastoma progression and GDC-0152 response" (see here)
Philipp Tsvetkov (PINT platform) : "Plateforme Interactome Timone (PINT) : une plateforme régionale au service de la recherche en oncologie" (see here) 

In addition François Devred (team 9 / PINT) member of the Canceropole PACA scientific committee chaired the "Talented Young Researchers popularize the Science" session. In parallel to the seminar, The Translationnal Research session to which Emeline Tabouret (team 8) member of the Canceropole PACA scientific committe, participated in the organisation.

See the poster here and the full program there