Dr. Emeline Tabouret (GlioME team) in collaboration with Dr. Rafael Arguello (CIML Institute) published a new paper in Cell metabolism journal

Date de l'évènement: 
Mardi, 1 Décembre, 2020

This paper entitled "SCENITH: A Flow Cytometry-Based Method to Functionally Profile Energy Metabolism with Single-Cell Resolution" presents a new technique to study the metabolic responses in multiple cell types in parallel by flow cytometry.

The method developed by Dr. Rafael Arguello allows to reveal the global metabolic capacities and dependencies of multiple cell types in parallel within their physiological context (i.e., physiological concentration of metabolites, growth factors, electrolytes, and cellular interactions).SCENITH’s ability to reveal global metabolic functions and determine complex and linked immune-phenotypes in rare cell subpopulations will contribute to the information needed for evaluating therapeutic responses or patient stratification.