A micromethod for quantitative determination of iodoamino acids in thyroglobulin.


  • Baudry Nathalie
  • Mallet B
  • Lejeune J.
  • Vinet L.
  • Franc Jean-Louis


We describe a new method for quantification of iodoamino acids after enzymatic hydrolysis of thyroglobulin. The procedure involves separation of monoiodotyrosine (MIT), di-iodotyrosine, tri-iodothyronine and thyroxine by reverse phase HPLC with a Vydac C18 stationary phase and a mobile phase of water-acetonitrile-acetic acid. The separation is monitored by sensitive spectrophotometric detection through a 96-well microplate system based on the catalytic Sandell-Kolthoff reaction of iodide on the oxidation of arsenic(III) by cerium(IV). This new microassay is particularly convenient because of its high sensitivity and its rapidity (less than 2 h). It can detect 1 pmol MIT and 0.5 pmol of the other three iodoamino acids with a recovery higher than 96%. Moreover, the 96-well microplate system allows many samples to be tested simultaneously and avoids the use of radiolabeled iodine.

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