Nikon N-STORM2

N-STORM/TIRF Super-Resolution System

The N-STORM provides super-resolution single molecule localization imaging on the Ti2-E inverted microscope. It can reach a resolution of 20 nm laterally, 50 nm axially, and also features live-cell TIRF imaging.



* Ti2-E inverted microscope with Perfect Focus System 4 (PFS4)

* Motorized N-STORM/TIRF illumination module with adjustable concentration lenses

* Motorized astigmatic lens module for 3D-STORM

* LUN-V high power 4-line laser unit (405nm, 488nm, 561nm, 647nm)

* 100X NA 1.49 STORM objective

* Additional objectives: 40X NA 1.3, 10X

* Hamamatsu Fusion sCMOS camera

* Mad City Labs Nano-Z series Z-axis piezo stage

* Oko Lab stage-top incubation system

* NIS-Elements software with N-STORM processing