New publication from Jean Philippe Dales (Neuro-inflammation and Multiple Sclerosis team - INP team 5)

Event date: 
Thursday, 22 April, 2021 to Saturday, 22 January, 2022

In this review published in International Journal of Molecular Sciences, Jean-Philippe Dales provides a summary of the current literature around the metal deregulation in neurodegenerative disease patients and a meaningful review of the studies on these abnormalities in the blood and central nervous system in Multiple Sclerosis patients. Previous reviews in this area have largely focused on the potential role for isolated or a few metals in the pathogenesis, but no study has encompassed a comprehensive analysis of the entirety of metals. It appears useful to provide a global view of the known metal imbalance, because metals are in a fine tuning equilibrium with each other in human tissues and deep understanding of the complexity of this imbalance may implicate to explore metals in their wholeness. In this context, perspectives on the future of “metals and Multiple Sclerosis” based around the bio-imaging of metals are developed to further describe the mechanisms of the disease and possibly to identify potential targets for innovative treatments