On September 12, over 300 students, teachers, researchers, clinicians and entrepreneurs participated in the launch of NeuroSchool, the school that unifies and harmonizes the teachings of the third year of the bachelor's degree (Neuroscience path), the master's degree and the PhD program in neuroscience. Funded by the National Research Agency and the A*Midex Foundation (€10 million over 10 years), NeuroSchool aims to :

  • ensure individual follow-up of students
  • increase the links between training, research and clinical practice
  • improve graduates’ employability
  • consolidate and expand international partnerships

In addition to the now traditional actions of the three training program - problem-based learning (APP), tutored seminars, mobility grants, clinical internships, PhD fellowships for international students, conferences – NeuroSchool will implement innovative actions such as FabLabs, individual career plans, complementary diplomas (communication, computational neuroscience, big data, business creation), MD-PhD double curriculum, summer schools, international conferences.

The NeuroSchool Executive Committee is composed of Frédéric Chavane (INT), Pascale Durbec (IBDM), François Féron (INP), Christian Gestreau (INS), Anne Kavounoudias (LNSC), Valéry Matarazzo (Inmed), Jean Pelletier (CRMBM), Julie Peyronnet-Roux (INT), Laurent Pezard (LNSC), Jean-Philippe Ranjeva (CRMBM), Francesca Sargolini (LNC), Isabelle Virard (NeuroSchool). The Chairman of the International Supervisory Board is Menno Witter, director of the Norwegian Research School in Neuroscience.