NanoDSF goes high throughput thanks to NT.Robotic Autosampler

Event date: 
Tuesday, 26 October, 2021

PINT platform recently acquired the NT.Robotic Autosampler that complemented the existing Prometheus NT.Plex nanoDSF instrument which is already equipped with aggregation detection optics to get complete stability characterization.

NT.Robotic Autosampler is a stand-alone, all-inclusive system with robotic arm, computer, and monitor. PINT is now able to analyze up to 1,536 samples for hands-free characterization of thermal unfolding and chemical denaturation in a single experiment. Incorporate plate temperature control to keep your samples at 4 to 20 °C while they wait in the queue.

This will permit to scale up the existing applications of the Prometheus :

  • drug screening
  • nanoparticule characterization
  • screening of compounds during drug development for shifts in thermal unfolding to eliminate compounds that decrease stability
  • ...


see a video on Nanotemper website :