INP & Vect-Horus first day off in Black Stone pub

Event date: 
Thursday, 12 December, 2019

On thursday december the 12th, most of INP and Vect-Horus members got together and spent a day in the Black Stone pub, Marseille, to celebrate the fact that nearly two years after its creation, the Institute of NeuroPhysiopathology is finally located on Tmone Campus. During that day we talked about science (mathèseetmonéquipeen180sec, notresynergieen180sec, neurostories...), about communication (web, social networks, ..), about ourselves (anecdotes, ), we ate and drank (of course), we listen to some music (Santi & Romain), and even danced (on Pepito - click here - or DJ Chris selection) was a lot of fun ; please, find some pictures on amubox ( - click here - ) and a short summary / teaser underneath