INP revealing "The Beauty of Life"

Event date: 
Sunday, 19 September, 2021

The INP is one of the winners of the photo contest organized by NeuroMarseille/NeuroSchool. The goal of the contest was to reveal the "beauty of life" through images taken in the neuroscience laboratories of AMU. Eight laboratories - INP, INT, IBDM, LNC, INMED, INS, LPC, CRMBM - sent pictures (5 for INP). The first 10 works have been selected and will soon be exhibited in a gallery in Marseille and another in Aix en Provence. Those not selected will appear in the printed catalog of the exhibition. The pictures sent by the INP were ranked first (François Féron), fourth (Christophe Leterrier), twelfth (Philip Tsvetkov) and thirteenth (Gaëlle Guiraudie-Capraz).

See the winning pictures on NeuroMarseille website :