Leptin Promotes Prostate Cancer Proliferation and Migration by Stimulating STAT3 Pathway


  • Gorrab Amal
  • Pagano Alessandra
  • Ayed Khouloud
  • Chebil Mohamed
  • Derouiche Amine
  • Kovacic Hervé O
  • Gati Asma


To better understand the link between obesity and prostate cancer (PC) aggressiveness, we investigate the role of leptin, an obesity associated adipokine, and its receptor (Ob-R) in PC cells migration. The migration assay (Wound-healing) was used to study the leptin impact on DU-145 and PC3 cells lines. STAT3 activation was performed by Western Blot. E-cadherin expression was studied using fluorescence microscopy and Ob-R expression in PC and benign prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH) biopsies was assessed by RT-PCR. In this study we demonstrate that high dose of leptin promotes PC cells migration and EMT transition via the stimulation of STAT3 pathway. In addition, we report that although Ob-R mRNA is expressed by ADK and BPH resections biopsies, significant higher levels were observed for ADK patients. Finally, we found a positive association between Ob-R mRNA expression and worse PC prognosis. A better understanding of the molecular processes of leptin signaling is crucial for identifying appropriate approaches for treatment of obesity-related PC patients.

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