Domains of quality of life freely expressed by cancer patients and their caregivers: contribution of the SEIQoL


  • Hamidou Zeinab
  • Baumstarck Karine
  • Chinot Olivier
  • Barlesi Fabrice
  • Salas Sébastien
  • Leroy Tanguy
  • Auquier Pascal


  • Psychology
  • Cancer
  • Quality of life
  • Health

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Background: The purposes of this study, performed on a large sample of cancer patient-caregiver dyads, were: i) to simultaneously investigate, using an individualized quality of life (QoL) measure (Schedule for the Evaluation of Individual QoL, SEIQoL), the QoL domains freely expressed by cancer patients and their caregivers, and ii) to explore overlapping between the SEIQoL assessment and QoL assessment using traditional instruments.

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