SCENITH: A Flow Cytometry-Based Method to Functionally Profile Energy Metabolism with Single-Cell Resolution


  • Argüello 1∞ Rafael
  • Argüello Rafael
  • Combes Alexis
  • Char Remy
  • Gigan Julien-Paul
  • Baaziz Ania
  • Bousiquot Evens
  • Camosseto Voahirana
  • Samad Bushra
  • Tsui Jessica
  • Yan Peter
  • Boissonneau Sebastien
  • Figarella-Branger Dominique
  • Gatti Evelina
  • Tabouret Emeline
  • Krummel Matthew
  • Pierre Philippe


Energetic metabolism reprogramming is critical for cancer and immune responses. Current methods to functionally profile the global metabolic capacities and dependencies of cells are performed in bulk. We designed a simple method for complex metabolic profiling called SCENITH, for Single Cell ENergetIc metabolism by profilIng Translation inHibition. SCENITH allows for the study of metabolic responses in multiple cell types in parallel by flow cytometry. SCENITH is designed to perform metabolic studies ex vivo, particularly for rare cells in whole blood samples, avoiding metabolic biases introduced by culture media. We analyzed myeloid cells in solid tumors from patients and identified variable metabolic profiles, in ways that are not linked to their lineage nor their activation phenotype. SCENITH ability to reveal global metabolic functions and determine complex and linked immune-phenotypes in rare cell subpopulations will contribute to the information needed for evaluating therapeutic responses or patient stratification.

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