Pantethine Down-Regulates Leukocyte Recruitment and Inflammatory Parameters in a Mouse Model of Allergic Airway Inflammation


  • Abou-Hamdan Mhamad
  • Gharib Bouchra
  • Bajenoff Marc
  • Julia Valerie
  • Reggi Max

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Background: Migration of leukocytes into airways is the hallmark of allergic asthma. The aim of this study was to target the pathological process using pantethine, a pleiotropic natural compound which has been recently shown to down-regulate chemokine-driven T cell migration.& para;& para;Material/Methods: Mice were sensitized to the Leishmania LACK antigen, then treated or not treated with pantethine and exposed to LACK or saline aerosol. After sacrifice of the animals, cells in the bronchoalveolar lavage were analyzed and inflammatory parameters were determined to evaluate inflammation seriousness.& para;& para;Results: As compared to untreated animals, pantethine-treated animals displayed a moderated response to the allergen, as documented by decreased infiltration of inflammatory cells (all types), in addition to reduced levels of lung Th2 cytokines and circulating LACK-specific IgE.& para;& para;Conclusions: These data reveal the potential therapeutic importance of pantethine to moderate allergic asthma pathology. The compound has been previously shown to exert a broad range of protective activity in animals and in humans, with few or no adverse effects.

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