Regional molecular genetics centers in thoracic oncology: what and who should be tested?


  • Barlési Fabrice
  • Tomasini Pascale
  • Fina Frédéric
  • Secq Véronique
  • Greillier Laurent
  • Nanni-Metellus Isabelle
  • Garcia Stéphane
  • Ouafik l'Houcine


  • Bioguided treatment
  • French NCI
  • Lung cancer
  • Molecular genetics center
  • Molecular profiling
  • Personalized therapy

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Management of NSCLC patients is more and more individualized especially on the base of bioguided treatments. In order to guarantee an access for all the patients too this type of strategy, the French NCI supports since 2006 a nationwide network of 28 regional genetics center. The financial support is based on public funds. The French NCI recommends today the assessment of seven biomarkers for all stage IV non squamous NSCLC patients. Due to financial and technical reasons, this recommendation must be followed. However, the molecular profiling of lung cancer patients would ideally be extended across all stages and all histological types of the disease in order to improve our knowledge in this field and provides the patient with an opportunity to access a bioguided treatment as frequently as possible.

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