CK2 accumulation at the axon initial segment depends on sodium channel Nav1


  • Hien Yeri Esther
  • Montersino Audrey
  • Castets Francis
  • Leterrier Christophe
  • Filhol Odile
  • Vacher Hélène
  • Dargent Bénédicte

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Edited by Maurice Montal Keywords: Protein kinase CK2 Nav1 Phosphorylation Phosphospecific antibody Dominant negative Axon initial segment a b s t r a c t Accumulation of voltage-gated sodium channel Nav1 at the axon initial segment (AIS), results from a direct interaction with ankyrin G. This interaction is regulated in vitro by the protein kinase CK2, which is also highly enriched at the AIS. Here, using phosphospecific antibodies and inhibition/ depletion approaches, we showed that Nav1 channels are phosphorylated in vivo in their ankyrin-binding motif. Moreover, we observed that CK2 accumulation at the AIS depends on expression of Nav1 channels, with which CK2 forms tight complexes. Thus, the CK2–Nav1 interaction is likely to initiate an important regulatory mechanism to finely control Nav1 phosphorylation and, consequently , neuronal excitability.

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