Post-operative nomogram for predicting freedom from recurrence after surgery in localised breast cancer receiving adjuvant hormone therapy.


  • Mazouni C
  • Fina F
  • Romain S
  • Bonnier P
  • Ouafik L
  • Martin P-M

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PURPOSE: To develop a prognostic nomogram to predict freedom from recurrence for patients treated with adjuvant hormonal therapy (HT) for localised breast cancer (BC). METHODS: We performed a retrospective analysis of 142 patients treated with adjuvant HT between 1996 and 2000. Clinical and pathological parameters were analysed. RESULTS: A nomogram that predicts the probability of remaining free of recurrence for 5 years after surgery with adjuvant HT was developed using a Cox proportional hazards regression model. The progesterone receptor status (p < 0.001), nodal status (p = 0.008) and cathepsin-D (p < 0.001) were retained to construct the nomogram (C-index 0.734). CONCLUSIONS: The nomogram we developed may be useful for estimating the probability of successful treatment 5 years after surgery for localised BC.

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